Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

After 8 years of being a CGL, I made a tough but necessary decision to step down in 2014 as it was a different season of my life where our kids were young and I do not think that I can give the best to everyone. Although I tried attending CG for a while but things just did not work out as the kids will be asking for my attention and disrupting the atmosphere and other members.

Today, we are happy to call S66 our spiritual family since late 2015. We feel right at home…there are friends whom we can connect with since there are quite a number of us who are “old-timers”. KH always like to say that the CG is 卧虎藏龙 because there are so many ex leaders. 

You probably feel intimidated by the sheer troupe of adults and kids. For some, they find us too rowdy, noisy and cannot understand how some of our members can fellowship till past midnight after CG at e CGL place. You don’t have to understand us but you just need to experience us, that is my personal opinion . 

You can rest here but after that your ship need to set sail…

Standing in the gap and rising to the call at the most inconvenient time…

Stepping out and heeding to the call…

We made many friends here and are happy to call S66 our home…

Do not be overly concerned with the numbers but the potential of the people in the group…

These are some of the quotes that my fellow members expressed last night during our annual thanksgiving. Many shared that 2017 was not a great year, for some, it was  tough year where their breakthroughs have not yet been seen…for some, there were health issues to worry about, relationship with children to ponder over… as KH said, 2017 was a year of GRACE.. despite all that, we still come together every bi-monthky to have CG. The younger ones will have children church ~ conducted and rotated among the parents while the tweets have the youth leader to come and share with them. 

Because of them, they have made me a better person; they showed love, they do love and they poured love to others. We do life together. It is never about how many houses we have, what kind of property we live in, what car we drive or what holiday we go. It has always been about God,His people and His kingdom.

The CG didn’t start off with all glam almost 6 years ago. KH and June stepped up to the call in one of the most difficult time of the church and they ever shared that there as one CG where only 1 member turned up. They sought the Lord, had a relevation and bam…here is e big family of S66.

Yesterday thanksgiving was one where we really appreciated one another… Pris who organise the event…Dr David and Angie for opening up their place…Renee helped with goody bag for the kids…Charis and Angie who spent time and effort in the deco…Merv our ever faithful photographer…Sophia always the one who will take pic of every family sharing.. You guys are just awesome! 

I always tell Lynn G “what will we do without her?” She is one amazing lady who just have the power and anointing to connect and bring people together. We had to release her to another CG to be  blessing and for her and Mike to fulfil their destiny and I know that greater things in store for both of them in 2018. 

If you think that all is solemn and serious,you are wrong! We are a bunch of adults,family with kids who are Not Boring! We had a thanksgiving theme – Royalty aka Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes and everyone rose to the occasion and came supportive of the event. 

What have I learned from this bunch of awesome and God loving people?    

1. Be warm ~ it was this human touch that made us feel welcome. 

2. Be real ~ Relax and be you. We are not perfect and work in progress. 

3. Be there ~ It may not be possible for us to always be physically present but we are always a text, a prayer,a phone call away and we never be too busy to even just send a text. Your one text, prayer and phone call can bring faith, strength and courage. 

Thank you for being our friends here in  this seson of our life. While I know that this is where God puts us for this season, we are thankful and grateful to so of you in one way or another. Let’s run this race and do life together!

My first prayers from my daughter

My first prayers from my daughter

Last night, I was talking to my older two kids about leaving for a business trip to Macau and was trying to explain to them about typhoon and it’s destruction. I casually mentioned that when they remember mummy in the next 2 weeks, I ask them to say a little prayer for me for safety and protection.

Alvez told me in these exact words “Mummy, you make sure you stay in the hotel and don’t go out. You make sure you on the torch light and eat your biscuits and drink milo if the typhoon comes and you cannot go out and buy food”. He may be mischievous and likes to disturb his siblings lately but he can be very sensible and sweet at times.

Before Inez went to bed, she asked me to go to her room and she will pray for me. I didn’t had my phone with me to capture her laying her hands on my shoulder and she prayed. This is her childlike faith prayer:” Jesus, I lift up my mummy into Your hands, I pray that You will protect her and her colleagues as they take the plane tomorrow. Your Holy Spirit will watch over her everywhere she go. Mummy will be safe and You will bring her back safely. Jesus I asked that You will give mummy a heart to be strong and healthy. In Jesus name I pray,Amen!” I could sense the presence of God in her room and tears welled up in my eyes as I sense the genuineness and sincere love she had for me. I believe the way she prayed must be learning and following what I always do when I lay hands and pray for her.

As parents, sometime we may think that we know a lot more than our children and belittle them. But let it be a reminder to ourselves that sometimes the love of God can come through our little ones.

I am so touched by the love of my little ones and I know it is not because I am a super awesome or super motherly kind of mum but because they have learned and been exposed to who God is.

Special letter to Inez on your journey of being a P1

Special letter to Inez on your journey of being a P1

Dear Inez,

Mummy is writing this special letter to share with you my thoughts on your journey and completion as a Primary One student. I can imagine how tough it was for you to transit from a kindergartener to a formal school, the stress that you may need to go through in a change of environment of familiarity to something new (school, teacher, friends, routine, school work) and of course having to wake up early at 6.20am.

You did extremely well in your academic for Term 1 & Term 2 which was awesome. In every journey we take, there will be ups and downs; yup, you dip in your grades in Term 3 but somehow you seem to realize and tried to bounce back in Term 4. We are proud of the resilience spirit you demonstrated and how proud you were when you were awarded the badge in school.

Mummy wants you to know that behind the constant “nagging and harping” is our heart’s desire to want you to always give your 100% in everything that you do; doing things with a spirit of excellence and a never say die attitude. This is above an beyond the grades that we want you to catch in your spirit. Daddy will say “Ya, grades are important but it’s not everything. The character molding and building, the values you have in your life is more important than grades”. And I can sense him trying to chill me down when I see you not trying your best. In that sense, Mummy tends to be more “kan cheong” than Daddy.

You and I have some “hair-tearing, tear dropping” moments as both of us learn together in adjusting to this new milestone of our lives. But hey babe, we survived and soon, you will be promoted to Primary 2.

I have absolute confidence in you and I know you will always try your best as you mature. Whatever it is, please know that we love you very much and have faith in you. We pray that as you continue this journey, we pray for wisdom to be upon you as you study hard, play hard and learn to serve your friends and teachers, living out the values of a Fairsians.

Leaving a picture of your class this year, which just seems like yesterday…

12237507_1664407773829643_1091314666_n Love Mummy

Fruity Fruity

Fruity Fruity

I’m not sure if you have a “Happy Problem” like me…All my 3 kids love to eat fruits and the only problem with 3 kids is they all love different kinds of fruits and I have to “tailor-made” to their taste each time I’m at the supermarket or the market. The good thing is they do share a common love for some fruits like kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, apples and grapes.


Inez – Besides the common love of the above fruits, she likes watermelon, honeydew as well. She attempted dragon fruit and did comment that not much taste (ok, maybe the mummy don’t really know how to choose the fruit). One fruit she don’t like is banana, which I guess it’s too “mushy softy” for her.

Alvez – He likes banana, pear but he is one fickle minded person. There was a time that he likes papaya but now he don’t.

Reyez – Out of the 3, he is the easiest in terms of food, he basically eats anything and even attempted few mouthful of durian. Till now, he seldom rejects the fruits that has been offered to him though his fave is probably grapes. What joy it is to every parent to have a not fussy kid who attempts to eat anything and everything.

Actually, I’m kind of happy that the children love fruits cos we all hear of stories of how difficult it is to get children eat their veggies and fruits. I’m sure glad that they follow my genes in eating veggies and fruits…

Kids, I think we need to harp Daddy on his veg & fruits intake..

Celebrate and be who we are

Celebrate and be who we are

I came across this 10 facts by Austin Blood recently:

10 facts every woman should know

  1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.
  2. When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, believe them. They aren’t lying.
  3. Sometimes we all wake up with breathe that could kill a goat.
  4. For every woman happy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them.
  5. You should definitely have more confidence. And if you saw yourself the way others see you, you would.
  6. Don’t look for a man to save you. Be able to save yourself.
  7. It’s ok to not love egery part of your body…but you should.
  8. We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together. That woman with the seemingly perfect life. Well, you might be that woman to someone else.
  9. You should be a priority. Not an option, a last resort or a backup plan.
  10. You’re a woman. And that alone makes you damn pretty remarkable.

Some of these facts totally resonate with me & here’s what I think.

  • How can I forget the “bit-sizes” rolls on my cute chubby babies .
  • I choose to accept the praise graciously when I hear that though it’s not often. My prayers is that I will age with grace.
  • Tell me about it.. That’s why we brush our teeth first thing in the morning, I can’t even imagine kissing my Husband without first brushing my teeth.
  • I thank God that no stretch marks have left their footprints even after 3 kids but I do know people who have gone through the heartaches for wanting them. God has a plan and purpose for all and I pray for them to know His plan.
  • Yes, all of us should have the boldness and confident of God.
  • My man save me in certain situations but most of the time, I will think of the solution and save myself first.
  • Ya, there are some parts of my body I don’t really like but hey, we are all beautiful creations by God.
  • I hope to be an inspiration to other ladies in my small way, whether through my Seasons of life, this blog or even conversations.
  • We are always His love, His love towards us is always constant.
  • Celebrate who you are in Him and be who God has called you to be.






Mummy’s guilt – money sense

Mummy’s guilt – money sense


Yes!!! I survived the first 6 months of primary school life or rather we (aka Ms Inez & me) survived. I’m glad to say that we are still in one piece although there are moments of hair-pulling of waking up a sleepy girl who refuse to sleep early the previous night or the screaming moments of her not doing her homework at her grandparents place. Did I even mention about the review feedback given by her Maths and English teacher that I have a talkative girl but yet at the same time displaying full confidence at presentation times?

This incident that I am going to write happened several weeks ago and Yes, it took me that long to decide if I should even document it. Worried that I be judged, worried that I am not a great mum, worried that others will look at me with specks in their eyes…But I need to be an example to my children, to teach them that it is ok to be wrong, it is ok to make mistakes and what’s most important is the courage to say sorry.

We have been giving Inez $2 per day as her daily pocket allowance (which in my opinion was just too much, she’s not going to eat a “cow”). Everyday, I will ask her what she had for lunch (to ensure that she really eats for recess and not spend her time playing), so usually, she will have remaining of about $0.60 to $1; depending on what she eats. One night, she came back with > $2 which is very puzzling, so I queried and asked. Throughout it all, I asked at least 3 times the whole story as she was not willing to tell the truth at first as she kept saying, “I don’t know…I don’t know la…”; which obviously pissed me to the max and I gave her a stern, strong lecture which of course let to the “outpouring of the fountain aka her tears.

Finally, she said the truth that her friend paid and she did not give her friend the money. She said since her friend wanted to pay so she just let her pay for it. Seriously, at that point in time, I was super guilt-ridden as I think I was too harsh on her earlier…after all, she is only a 6.5 going 7 year old girl. I REALLY REALLY REALLY felt very bad and apologetic to her. After that, I sat her down and spoke with her, explaining to her why it is important to handle money with care, why it is important for her to pay her friend as we won’t know if the friend’s parents will question her spending of the money. I apologized to her and gave her a tight hug (hoping actually to make myself better) and she promised that she will return the money to her friend the next day.

It was a lesson for her and for me. For her, to learn to be a good steward of God’s money. For me, to not be so quick to jump into conclusions and start accusing a poor child.

Decoding the children’s basic love language

Decoding the children’s basic love language

Recently, I commented a friend’s hash tag that she posted on Instagram and she replied me to ask me to be her “shifu” aka master as she thinks that I am handling my 3 children pretty well…Far from the truth, I told her… What she don’t get to see is my hair-pulling stunts, my shouting matches with them, my moments of breaking down in anger and tears…I’m sure all of you parents know what I am talking about.

Please do not be deceived by their angelic looks.


I do not know what I do not know but I learn from my mistakes to be a better mum. To all the parents out there, you are the best for your children, please shout the naysayers off! They do not know what they do not know and no one family is the same.

I like to hear and learn from other parents – the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. I’m thankful to all the mummy and daddy friends that I have in my inner circle of friends and those that I have known from their blogs. You do not know how much a “savior” you have been by reading your blogs and learning from you.

I also like to read parenting books but am very subjective to picking and buying. Now, I have just finished reading “The 5 Love Languages of Children”. It’s an easy, practical book and to a certain extent was a little  self-reflection for me. With it, I think I have managed to decode my children’s basic love language.


Inez – Words of Affirmation and Quality Time

Her basic two main love language hovers between this two and it could be a tie. She loves how we praise her whenever she did a nice piece of work or when we thank her for helping out. She loves her one to one date with either of us whenever we have the chance to bring her out. On such occasion, she behaves exceptionally well with zero tantrum throwing even when she is tired.

Alvez – Quality Time

Surprisingly for a boy, his basic love language is quality time. I do not know why but he seems to always look forward to his one to one time with us. Perhaps being the middle child, he feels that he needs to be compared to his elder sister yet he cannot whine like the younger brother. During this special time, he will be on his best behavior without the usual “wimpy whining emotions” being displayed.

Reyez – Physical Touch

This boy is the most affectionate in the house; freely he offers his hugs and kisses to all of us, the grandparents and cousins, our close friends and even people whom he met the first time. He is the only one who automatically hugs and kisses everyone before he goes to bed, no one taught him that.

Knowledge is power and I definitely believe that all parents need to be empowered to be a better parent as we learn along the journey.